FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (Calgary, Alberta, December 4, 2013) – Zephyr Sleep Technologies Inc. (Zephyr) is pleased to announce an expansion of the sales and distribution network in the United States:

  • Appointment of Mark Durston as Director of Sales and Distribution, stationed in Orange County, California
  • Hiring of seven (7) new independent marketing representatives
  • Appointment of two (2) additional sales distributors

Zephyr launched the leading-edge medical device MATRx in the United States in June, 2012. MATRx is a FDA cleared medical device and is currently installed in over 50 sleep centers in the United States. The MATRx test (reimbursed under existing codes for polysomnography) predicts therapeutic outcomes with mandibular advancement devices allowing a sleep physician to prescribe oral appliance therapy (OAT) for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients. CPAP compliance continues to be an issue and OSA patients and sleep physicians need alternative treatment options. Until recently, the problem with OAT was the inability to know which OSA patients would respond to oral appliance treatment. The proprietary MATRx technology changes the future for oral appliance therapy. With MATRx, a sleep physician can now confidently prescribe an alternative to PAP and will be able to determine if an obstructive sleep apnea patient is a candidate for OAT.“Based in the US and close to our market, Mark Durston has done an outstanding job of building out our direct sales, indirect sales (through independent marketing representatives) and our distribution/agency network” says Paul Cataford, Zephyr’s President and CEO. A manuscript describing the clinical study used to validate MATRx was recently published in the October issue of the Journal SLEEP. “The recent SLEEP article has led to a flood of enquiries; interest in MATRx is building at a rapid pace and we need to expand our reach” says Mark Durston, Zephyr’s Director of Sales and Distribution.MATRx was initially sold and distributed in the United States through an exclusive partnership with SomnoMed Limited (SomnoMed), a market leader in custom oral appliances. SomnoMed installed MATRx into a number of influential sleep centers and health systems. SomnoMed is a contributor to Zephyr’s early success and will continue to distribute MATRx in the US. However, the recent demand for MATRx requires a larger and broader sales network. In addition to SomnoMed, Zephyr has engaged nine (9) companies and independent medical representatives to represent MATRx in the following states or geographic areas in the United States: California, the Pacific Northwest, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, North East and South East. Zephyr also has a direct sales function based out of the head office in Calgary, Canada. We have attached a full list of selling agents representing MATRx in the US and Canada. Zephyr will continue to develop its US network and expects to add more US distribution agents prior to the end of the year.

With the recent announcement of the exclusive Canadian partnership with Respiratory Homecare Solutions (RHS), Zephyr’s full product line is now well represented in North America. Reputable medical companies choosing to add MATRx to their product portfolio is a true indication of the importance of this technology to the future management of sleep medicine. Zephyr’s next steps are its expansion plans for Europe.


MATRx is a dental titration medical device used during polysomnography (PSG) that confirms whether an obstructive sleep apnea patient will be successfully treated with an oral appliance. The MATRx test also provides the target protrusive position allowing for efficient and effective oral appliance therapy treatment. “The MATRx system changes the way oral appliance therapy is prescribed, bringing the knowledge and expertise of both sleep physicians and dentists into the therapy decision much earlier. This new technology will change how sleep medicine is practiced” says Dr. John Remmers, Zephyr’s Chief Medical Officer.

Oral appliance therapy has emerged as an effective alternative to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) in treating obstructive sleep apnea. Studies show that patients prefer oral appliance therapy to CPAP, however approximately only 60% respond to this alternative treatment. Until recently, there was no standard or effective prescriptive method to determine a patient’s suitability for oral appliance therapy. The introduction of MATRx technology opens a new avenue for managing obstructive sleep apnea and changes how this disease will be treated in the future.

“Understanding a patient’s airway response to mandibular protrusion is a critical component of confidently prescribing and delivering efficacious oral appliance therapy. For our patients, MATRx means we now have a tool that allows us to confidently prescribe oral appliance therapy and eliminate the risk of patient out-of-pocket expense” states Dr. Remmers.

“MATRx is a proprietary and revolutionary technology that increases the quality of care, lowers overall cost of treatment and reduces treatment time. Everyone wins – the sleep physician can confidently prescribe an alternative to CPAP, the sleep dentist can now provide therapy without guesswork and the patient is treated faster and more effectively” says Dr. Shouresh Charkhandeh, Zephyr’s Chief Dental Officer.


Zephyr Sleep Technologies is a privately held medical device company that develops, manufactures and sells innovative, scientifically-validated medical devices to improve sleep. Zephyr works with sleep labs, technicians, physicians, dentists and leading edge sleep researchers to improve the treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. MATRx was developed by Zephyr and is based on and powered by the proprietary and patented technology known as OATRx. Zephyr is based in Calgary, Alberta. Please visit zephyrsleep.com.


Zephyr Sales
Mark Durston
Director of Sales and Distribution Zephyr Sleep Technologies mdurston@zephyrsleep.com



BCC Medical
(North Carolina / South Carolina)
Rod Phelps

Chris Dahm
(Nebraska / Iowa / Kansas / Missouri / Oklahoma)
Chris Dahm

DDME Online (National)
Jeff Wyscarver

Iron Brigade Practice Development
Erik Beers

Midwest Dental Sleep Center (Greater Chicago)
Scott Craig

SomnoMed (National)
Eric Cole


Respiratory Homecare Solutions (National)
Rodney Rousseau


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