CALGARY, Alberta (September 12, 2019) — Zephyr Sleep Technologies (Zephyr) is partnering with two leading billing service providers in the US – Cross Over Dental Enterprises (C.O.D.E.) and Pristine Medical Billing (Pristine) –  to offer“out-of-network” dental clinics medical billing services for dental sleep appliances and related procedures. Medical insurance reimbursement is often a key consideration in a patient’s decision to move forward with testing and treatment of sleep apnea

“We are pleased to add medical billing services as part of our offering,” says Paul Cataford, Chief Executive Officer, Zephyr. “Many of the doctors using our MATRx plus™ home sleep study/ diagnostic therapy system have asked about medical billing.  As this is outside of our area of expertise, we’re more than happy to bring in the experts. Our partners and advisors tell us that C.O.D.E. and Pristine are those experts.”

“We have been very impressed with Zephyr’s success and growth over the last few years,” says Randy Curran, Chief Executive Officer, Pristine.  “We have been providing medical billing services for out-of-network dental practices for a number of years and are looking forward to helping Zephyr’s customers.  In turn, we are delighted to introduce Zephyr’s technology and services to our clients.  A true win-win!”

We were introduced to Zephyr after they closed a distribution partnership with Dentsply Sirona,” says Hootan Shahidi, Chief Executive Officer, C.O.D.E.  “In the courses teaching medical billing to Dentsply Sirona customers, we are seeing more and more dental professionals using the MATRx plus™ system.  The timing for this new partnership is perfect.”

The MATRx plus™ system, also known as “The Simple Sleep Solution”, is a three-step, three-visit platform which streamlines workflow and eliminates oral appliance rework.  By deploying The Simple Sleep Solution, dental clinics can further build the relationship with their patients, increase referrals and differentiate their practice.

The Simple Sleep Solution has been built around the MATRx plus™, an FDA approved tablet-based, cloud-connected medical device. After two nights of home sleep study, doctors can determine if a patient will be successful with oral appliance treatment and eliminate a 30-40% failure rate. The study also informs the dental team how to best configure the oral appliance and eliminate guesswork on mandibular positioning.  The Simple Sleep Solution is now offered in over 300 dental clinics across the US. Both C.O.D.E. and Pristine Medical Billing will also be offering MATRx plus™ to their clients.

About Zephyr Sleep Technologies

Zephyr Sleep Technologies is in the business of helping people live healthy and productive lives by sleeping better.  The company provides medical professionals with easy-to-use, patient-friendly, medical devices that offer efficient and effective treatment, and is the innovation leader in the dental sleep domain.  Dental professionals offering MATRx plus™ and The Simple Sleep Solution are part of a MATRx doctors community.  Zephyr’s MATRx plus™ was cleared by the FDA in late 2018 through a DE NOVO approval process and is a new class of medical device.  The company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and was founded in 2010.

About Pristine Medical Billing

Pristine Medical Billing is a full-service medical billing company that specializes in billing medical services for dental offices. Pristine assigns a dedicated account manager to each practice who will provide frequent, clear and concise communication, patient by patient coaching, live status updates for claims and authorizations, and guidance through the thick terrain of medical billing. With the combined 50+ years of experience, Pristine’s mission is to exceed the expectations of its clients, by researching and delivering advanced insurance information that will increase patient acceptance. Pristine aims to aid in the growth of the dental sleep medicine industry, as well as contribute to the moral landscape needed to sustain such growth.

About C.O.D.E.C.O.D.E.

is a full-service medical billing company that provides eligibility checks, pre-authorizations, claims filing, claims follow up and appeals. We have taken the mystery out of medical billing for dentists.  We train your staff so that they can gather all the important information and start submitting claims through our unique web portal.  All that is required is to write your SOAP notes and document the procedures so that we can correctly classify the claims. We also have a large library of sample SOAP notes that you can modify and customize, reducing your workload.  You focus on what you love to do, which is practice dentistry, and we take care of the rest. Our unique advantage is we know how to work with medical insurance carriers.  We have thousands of providers in over 45 states.

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