Our Mission

To empower dental practices to enhance patient care by providing a simple solution to sleeping better.

Our Vision

To help people live healthier, more productive lives through better sleep.

Our Values

Do It Right: There are no shortcuts to success. We rely on clinical validation to ensure the efficacy of our solutions and maintain our commitment to best-in-class sleep science.

Find A Way: Be relentless, innovative, entrepreneurial and resourceful in our pursuit of solving problems for our team and clients.

Work As A Team: Together we are stronger as a team. Always be collaborative, supportive and accountable as a team member at Zephyr.

Continually Improve: Make tomorrow better than today. We all make mistakes, the aim is to learn from them – and share them – so we all learn together.

Be Agile: Work fast, smart, hard and be open to change and innovation as we continually optimize our processes and products.

Dental sleep innovator and game changer

With close to one billion people worldwide suffering from mild to extreme obstructive sleep apnea, Zephyr Sleep Technologies has stepped in to help these people sleep and breathe better. As a Canadian-based dental sleep medicine technology innovator and sleep apnea treatment specialists, we believe that Dentists are in the perfect position to address this growing health crisis.

Zephyr, started in 2010 at the University of Calgary, has designed, developed and manufactured the industry’s only at-home auto-titration device – MATRx plus™ – that predicts efficacy of dental appliances for obstructive sleep apnea treatment.

"We live for disruptive innovation. For us the ‘holy grail’ is to actually combine research with modern technology to come up with new devices that will drive medicine ahead in ways that no one anticipated, saving lives and shaking up the system."

Dr. John Remmers Zephyr’s Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder

Our team is passionate and driven

Our research-focused approach enables us to create and develop new sleep apnea treatment products and technologies that directly address the need to increase patient access to predictable oral appliance therapy.

Zephyr is focused on putting our customer first to ensure early and continued dental sleep medicine success with our industry-leading Customer Success and support network.


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