Prof. Dr. Olivier M. Vanderveken, MD, PhD, is a full-time ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon at the Antwerp University Hospital in Belgium. He is appointed as Vice-Chair of the Department of ENT-HNS at Antwerp University Hospital. In the University Hospital he serves as one of the members of the Medical Board. He is also appointed as Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Antwerp. Prof. Dr. Vanderveken received his medical degree from University of Antwerp in 2001. He completed an ENT, Head and Neck Surgery residency at the Antwerp University Hospitals. In 2007, he obtained a PhD in Medical Sciences on the topic of the fundamental and multidisciplinary approach to upper airway collapse during sleep-disordered breathing. His main research is in the area of sleep-disordered breathing, in particular pathophysiological assessment of upper airway collapse including phenotyping, drug-induced sedation endoscopy, treatment of sleep apnea with mandibular advancement devices and upper airway surgery including hypoglossal nerve stimulation and transoral robotic surgery. Prof. Dr. Vanderveken has co-authored several professional scientific publications in high-impact peer reviewed journals. Currently Prof Vanderveken has an H-index of 19 (Web of Science). He is an Associate Editor of the Journal ‘Sleep and Breathing’ and the Deputy Editor of the ‘Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine’.

In the past, Olivier Vanderveken has been awarded several national and international scientific awards including the “AADSM Clinical Research Award” in 2011, the “AADSM Clinical Excellence Award” in 2011 and the “Pierre Robin Academic Award” of AADSM in 2012 from American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He is also a member of the Research Committee at AADSM and been Chair of this committee for the past two years.

Olivier Vanderveken holds a Senior Clinical Investigator Fellowship at the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) in Belgium supporting him to pursue a full-fledged career in translational research.

Professor Vanderveken is the founding President of the ‘interdisciplinary Belgian Dental Sleep Medicine Academy (iBEDSMA)’, and is a member of the board of the Belgian Oto-Rhino-Laryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Association.