CALGARY, AB (November 9, 2020) — Zephyr Sleep Technologies (Zephyr) is partnering with Spencer Study Club to create MATRx plus™ training content and curriculum for Spencer Study Club members.  Zephyr will allocate a portion of the proceeds from MATRx plus™ treatment planning systems, purchased by Spencer Study Club Members, toward the ongoing development of Spencer Study Club courses and materials.  In addition, recognizing the important role MATRx plus plays in providing precision medicine, Spencer Study Club, a leader in dental sleep medicine and TMD training, recommends MATRx plus treatment planning to all its members.

“Dr. Jamison Spencer and the Spencer Study Club membership are on the forefront of dental sleep medicine and TMD training; this is an organization that is built on evidence-based and clinically-validated treatment methods and protocols.  Dr. Spencer’s approach is always informed and practical; he recognizes what works in a clinical setting and was one of the first clinicians to point out the importance of reducing patient visits and chair time – particularity in a post-COVID world” Paul Cataford, CEO and co-Founder, Zephyr Sleep Technologies Inc.

“MATRx plus Treatment Planning is all about reducing the number of visits a patient needs to get treated – getting it right and quickly.  We’re looking at various workflows that will not only drive a better patient experience, but also reduce the chair time required for effective treatment. Finding the effective position as quickly as possible is critical for multiple reasons. Dentists are no longer dependent upon subjective feedback and a multitude of time consuming and expensive follow up visits.”  Dr. Jamison Spencer.

About MATRx plus

Zephyr’s MATRx plus remains the industry’s only FDA-approved oral appliance treatment planning system available.  MATRx plus eliminates oral appliance therapy guesswork and provides fast and effective treatment for patients with sleep disordered breathing – it’s what precision medicine is all about.  MATRx plus Treatment Planning:

  • Provides obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis;
  • Determines if the patient can be treated with an oral appliance; and,
  • Identifies a treatment position for the custom oral appliance.

Dental professionals and team members use MATRx plus to provide the most efficient and effective way to configure an oral appliance for the treatment of sleep disordered breathing.  Time to treatment is reduced to days and the patient’s confidence in the team and treatment soar.

About Spencer Study Club

Spencer Study Club is an online education, mentoring and implementation program to help dentists and their teams help more of their patients with sleep apnea and TMJ disorders. With more than 600 international dentist members, it is the largest private sleep and TMD focused Study Club in the world, attracting dentists who are passionate about helping their patients and are looking for the education and mentoring to allow them to provide therapy predictably, effectively and profitably.

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