Webinar – Putting the Patient First: Simplified Treatment Planning with a Medically Oriented Approach

On November 17, 2020, Dr. John Remmers and Dr. Keith Valachi presented a webinar on patient-first treatment planning using a clinically validated approach.

All successful dental procedures use treatment planning tools, such as models, digital imagery and software analysis tools.

Why should treating sleep apnea be different?

Treatment planning must be accurate, reliable and remain focused on delivering the best patient experience while also identifying the most effective therapy for the patient.

Dr. John Remmers:

Dr. John Remmers shared details of the latest innovation that puts the patient first with increased comfort, fewer nighttime disturbances, and the same accuracy you’ve come to expect with MATRx plus.

Patient focused treatment planning is here, now.

Dr. Keith Valachi:

Dr. Keith Valachi, Dental Sleep Apnea Clinic, shared his experience with this medically oriented, patient focused approach to oral appliance therapy. A firm believer in providing the best possible patient care, Keith described how MATRx plus technology has enabled growth of his sleep practice.

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