What is MATRx?

MATRx is leading edge, highly accurate sleep test that provides new options to effectively treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, a MATRx test can determine, with accuracy, if your sleep apnea can be effectively treated with an oral appliance.


How MATRx Works

MATRx Tray Fitting

  • Your physician refers you to a Sleep Dentist
  • You will be fit with temporary dental trays for the MATRx Study

The MATRx Titration Study

  • The Sleep Tech inserts your trays and prepares you for your MATRx study night
  • The Sleep Tech monitors your sleeping patterns and waits until periods of apnea occur
  • While you sleep, your jaw is moved forward remotely, in very small increments, until your sleep apnea is treated

Physician Interprets the MATRx Study

  • The Sleep Physician decides if you are a good candidate for oral appliance therapy
  • You are referred to a sleep dentist with a prescription for oral appliance therapy which includes the jaw position for effective treatment

Sleep Dentist & The Oral Appliance

  • The Sleep Dentist has your custom oral appliance made at the jaw position prescribed by the sleep physician
  • You return to the dental office to have your custom appliance fit

The Oral Appliance at Night Time

  • Wear your oral appliance and get a good night sleep!

A New Direction To Treat Your Sleep Apnea

A MATRx test provides improved treatment efficiencies that allow you to be treated in less time while knowing with confidence that the oral appliance will work for you.

Fewer Dental Appointments

With MATRx test results, an oral appliance can be fit by a dentist in less time.

Accurate Test Results

After a single night in a sleep lab, the MATRx test will accurately identify if you will or will not be successful with oral appliance therapy.

Eliminates Unnecessary Expense

Now you can invest in an oral appliance and know with confidence that it will effectively treat your sleep apnea.

Ready to get started with MATRx?