Our Partners

Centre for Sleep and Human Performance

The Centre for Sleep and Human Performance (CSHP) is a fully accredited, medical sleep lab and testing facility that has been in operation for nearly 15 years. CSHP provides sleep screening, initial consults, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of the full spectrum of sleep disorders and sleeping problems including: sleep apnea (snoring); insomnia; excessive daytime sleepiness including narcolepsy; shift work/jet lag/delayed sleep phase; movement disorders such as restless legs syndrome; parasomnias (e.g., sleep walking, night terrors and violent behavior in sleep); and sport performance and training related sleep issues. Investigations may include sleep testing by in-home overnight monitoring (level III) or overnight sleep studies, which are done in the sleep lab (level I). www.centreforsleep.com

Midwest Dental Sleep Center

Midwest Dental Sleep Centers are the only stand alone clinics dedicated to Dental Sleep Medicine in Illinois. Midwest’s mission is to provide custom sleep treatments to patients that suffer from sleep-disordered breathing and snoring including oral appliance therapy, combination therapy and TAP-PAP therapy. All Midwest’s dentists are Diplomates of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. With over 75 years of experience, they believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care and work hard to collaborate with their patient’s team of providers to identify the most effective treatment(s) available. Midwest has worked tirelessly to break down barriers to treatment and have built strategic relationships with multiple insurance companies enabling them to provide in-network medical insurance coverage for patients diagnosed with OSA. In January 2011, they became the first provider in Illinois to complete credentialing with Medicare as a supplier of oral appliances and in 2012 they were accredited by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. www.midwestdentalsleepcenter.com

Respiratory Homecare Solutions

Respiratory Homecare Solutions (RHS) is a privately held medical services company that designs and integrates efficient, comprehensive programs, products and services for the cardio-respiratory community. RHS has a team that is extremely passionate about providing the best level of care possible. They have a large and growing network of registered sleep and respiratory therapists who are well educated, experienced, and participate in on-going continuing medical education. www.rhscanada.com.

Sierra Centre for Dental Wellness

Sierra Dental was created over 30 years ago with a vision of providing the very best care to every guest through integrated clinical practice, education and research. Their team of 8 doctors and 60 staff deliver the highest quality service through the dedicated effort of each team member. Sierra views the body as an interconnected unit and full body wellness is considered in every aspect of our practice. Using the very best technology for diagnostic and treatment options, Sierra works with partners in the Medical Professional industry to provide unmatched care and clinical excellence. www.sierracentre.com


SomnoMed is a publicly listed company (ASX:SOM) providing diagnostic and treatment solutions for Sleep Breathing Disorders. SomnoMed was commercialized on the basis of extensive clinical research. The company has over 12 years of clinical evidence supporting SomnoDent® for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The company has continued to invest in research and products which fit this philosophy. SomnoMed’s proprietary materials and portfolio of patents has enabled the development of the next generation of sleep breathing disorder products. The company also operates its manufacturing facilities to international quality standards such as ISO, FDA, TGA and CE. www.somnomed.com

Sound Sleep Solutions

Sound Sleep Solutions is a pediatric-focused sleep centre providing comprehensive evaluation and treatment, including overnight polysomnography (PSG), for newborns to adolescents with a variety of sleep disorders. As Canada’s only private pediatric sleep lab, Sound Sleep Solutions has been established in response to significant demand for immediate access to quality pediatric sleep services and has been granted accreditation by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta.  www.soundsleepsolutions.ca

Starfish Medical

Starfish is a leading service provider in the medical device industry. The company has successfully partnered with many innovative companies to create breakthrough products for numerous medical specialty areas. www.starfishmedical.com

The Snore Centre

The Snore Centre is a multidisciplinary clinic offering personalized assessment, diagnosis and treatment for snoring, sleep apnea and a variety of other sleep disordered breathing conditions. With on-site board certified dental physicians and partnerships with ENTs, sleep physicians and other health care professionals, The Snore Centre provides a truly customized approach to patient care and treatment. www.thesnorecentre.com