What is MATRx?

MATRx is leading-edge sleep lab system that enables dentists to know in advance which patients will respond to oral appliance therapy and predicts the therapeutic target protrusive position. Now your DSM practice can treat more patients, more effectively and in less time.

Qualified Patients

A MATRx test confirms whether an OSA patient will be successfully treated with an oral appliance

The Target Position

Accurately identifies the target protrusive position that will provide effective oral appliance therapy


MATRx referrals will be successful candidates for oral appliance therapy.

How MATRx Works


The MATRx Tray Fitting

  • The sleep physician refers the patient to a sleep dentist
  • The patient’s temporary MATRx titration trays are fit
  • The patient’s mandibular range of motion is provided to the sleep lab

The MATRx Titration Study

  • The sleep technologist conducts the MATRx study
  • The patient’s MATRx titration trays are remotely controlled from the control room
  • The mandible is protruded to eliminate apneas and hypopneas

Physician Interprets the MATRx Study

  • The sleep physician determines if the patient is a responder or a non-responder to mandibular advancement
  • OAT is prescribed for those patients who are responders, including the patient’s target protrusive position

Sleep Dentist & The Oral Appliance

  • The patient returns to the sleep dentist to have their therapeutic oral appliance fabricated and fit
  • The sleep dentist ensures the custom oral appliance is set to a mandibular position that will result in successful therapy
  • Follow-up appointments are scheduled to ensure compliance with therapy

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