Learning with Colin & Anne

Zephyr’s Customer Success team is here to help dentists, sleep team members and patients. Check out these videos that explain how to use the MATRx plus at-home sleep and theragnostic testing system.

Learn how to properly set your TD clip to target for your patient to use in a CBCT or to use as a temporary appliance.
Learn how to do an accurate bite registration using the target position data from a theragnostic report.
A brief overview on how to order consumables on the Zephyr Sleep Technologies Online Webstore.
MATRxportal.com – demo of the new patient information portal
DataViewer – how to generate a Sleep Theragnostic Report

Learn how to connect and pair your recorder to your tablet.
How to update your Lenovo tablet with your MATRx plus kit. We will also discuss features on the latest update (3.2.0).
Data Viewer – walk-through of how to review reports in the Data Viewer
Instructions on how to apply the sensors using the G1 MATRx plus recorder
DataViewer – how to generate a Sleep Study Report
Instructions on how to apply the sensors using the G2 MATRx plus recorder
For the sleep team, here’s a quick step-by-step on how to set-up a sleep study for your next patient
Our Customer Success team answers the most commonly asked questions about the MATRx plus
For the sleep team, watch to learn how to properly clean & disinfect the system between patients
Practical advice to help patients have a successful sleep study