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The MATRx™ plus enables Dentists to effectively position an oral appliance with confidence and precision. Learn more by watching these videos:

MATRx plus Treatment Planning – demo of new patient information portal
How to Clean & Disinfect a MATRx plus system
How to set-up a sleep study on a MATRx plus
Our Customer Success team answers the most commonly asked questions about the MATRx plus
Practical tips for completing successful sleep studies
Preparing Impressions
MATRx plus Studies at Home
Taking Scale Readings
MATRx plus Studies at Home
Attaching the Trays to the Mandibular Positioner
MATRx plus Studies at Home
How to assemble the TD Clip at your practice
MATRx plus |Tablet Introduction
Titration Tray Use | Sizing & Fitting
MATRx plus Studies at Home

Need More Information?

If you are a doctor (physician or dentist) diagnosing and treating sleep apnea and would like more information about Zephyr’s MATRx™ plus technology, please contact us.