Predict Oral Appliance Therapy Success with MATRx plus™

Oral appliances work, but they don’t work for everyone! We need efficient and effective methods to select sleep apnea patients who will be well suited for oral appliance treatment.

The Solution? A MATRx plus Auto-Titration Test
MATRx plus simplifies patient selection for airway management and oral appliance therapy.
How? By identifying responders and an effective protrusive position in advance of appliance fabrication with our auto-titrating mandibular positioning device.

Easy-to-use, innovative, tablet-based design
MATRx plus is the industry’s only, FDA cleared, at-home sleep and auto-titration device that predicts therapeutic outcome with a custom oral appliance.


MATRx plus benefits for dental practices

  • Build long-term relationships with patients
  • Improve patient experience with decreased time to treatment
  • Increase case acceptance
  • Eliminate guesswork and sleep appliance failure
  • Drive profitability through increased production
  • Increase sleep physician confidence and build a referral network
  • Differentiate your practice by becoming a dental sleep medicine leader in your community

Dr. Sharnell Muir, DMD, Diplomate ABDSM, Diplomate ASBA

Sleep Better, Live Better | North Vancouver, BC

“Having anticipated the introduction of MATRx plus for some time now, I am very pleased with both the patient acceptance and the results in my practice. I have found it easy to introduce to my patients and many have willingly accepted the additional theragnostic testing. Our results have been very good to date with responders proceeding immediately to oral appliances and non-responders returning to trial CPAP, knowing they have taken oral appliances off the table as a best option for them. I look forward to continuing to utilize MATRx plus in my patient work-up and appointment flow.”

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