Diagnose & Treat Sleep Apnea with the MATRx plus

MATRx plus is different from other at-home sleep testing systems.  MATRx plus determines who can be treated with an oral appliance and identifies the ideal therapeutic position before fabricating an appliance.

The proprietary MATRx plus is a clinically validated,  easy-to-use, FDA cleared system that gathers and communicates sleep and airway data securely, via the Cloud. In the comfort of the patient’s home, MATRx plus treatment planning performs two types of sleep studies:

Diagnostic & Follow-up Study

  • Screens patients and facilitates the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea
  • Confirms baseline data in previously diagnosed OSA patients
  • Supports therapeutic follow-up for oral appliance therapy (OAT)

Auto-Titration Study for Oral Appliance Therapy

  • Identifies OSA patients who will respond to OAT
  • Determines the effective therapeutic protrusive position

Treating Sleep is a Team Game

Treating sleep is a more dynamic and team-based procedure than many other general dentistry services. MATRx plus is a team-based workflow that will:

  • Build a long-term relationship with patients through improved overall health
  • Increase case acceptance and help more patients receive effective treatment, faster
  • Grow professionally as dental teams learn new skills

An effective sleep team leader will manage the entire sleep workflow, giving dentists more time to focus on other procedures. From testing to therapy, the MATRx plus treatment planning makes for more accurate, easier, and faster obstructive sleep apnea treatment planning.

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4 Steps to Oral Appliance Therapy Success

Visit 1
Screening, Consultation & MATRx plus Study
  • Identify patients who will respond to OAT
  • Schedule auto-titration sleep study
  • Determine target therapeutic position
Visit 2
Case Acceptance & Oral Appliance
  • Discuss treatment options
  • Take bite registration at MATRx plus target
  • Order custom oral appliance
Visit 3
Appliance Delivery
  • Fit appliance at target
  • Review cleaning & care instructions
Visit 4
  • 60-days after treatment begins, follow-up to confirm efficacious treatment

Resources for Professionals

Need more information to help you learn how to diagnose and treat sleep apnea? Please look at the resources below, including how medical billing and reimbursement works in your area

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