Successful Oral Appliance Therapy Should Not be a Guessing Game

The MATRx plus™ is the industry’s only at-home sleep test and auto-titration device that determines patient response and identifies optimum mandibular position for therapy.

MATRx plus helps you treat many obstructive sleep apnea patients by:

  • Eliminating oral appliance guesswork
  • Delivering faster, effective treatment to your patients
  • Earning the trust of sleep physicians with efficacious therapy
  • Empowering your dental team to confidently manage your sleep program

The MATRx plus helps all dentists, regardless of experience, to be successful in adding sleep to their practice.

How It Works
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Predictive Treatment Planning Puts the Patient First

Proper treatment planning promotes a better patient experience by preventing guesswork, uncertainty and prolonged titration. Before treatment consultations begin, make sure you know:

  • If a patient will be effectively treated by an oral appliance
  • The therapeutic target position for the custom appliance

With predictive treatment planning, practitioners will provide personalized oral appliance therapy to ensure a patient can tolerate and comply with treatment.

Scientifically Validated, Proven Technology

Zephyr’s scientifically validated medical device and technology are disrupting how obstructive sleep apnea is being tested, diagnosed and treated. Our products are used across North America by physicians, dentists, and leading-edge sleep researchers alike, evolving the landscape of the dental sleep medicine industry.

Powered by continuous innovation, our proprietary sleep apnea diagnostic and theragnostic technology is setting the stage to help millions of obstructive sleep apnea patients get the treatment they need.

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