Facilitate Patient-Centered Care

MATRx allows treatment decisions to be made based on patient-specific evidence so that sleep physicians can recommend a therapy that will provide the most favorable outcome for the patient.


OAT as a first line of therapy

MATRx provides critical data that allows obstructive sleep apnea patients to be treated effectively with oral appliances. With MATRx sleep apnea patients are empowered to make an informed decision about how to treat their illness.

Optimizes OAT therapy

MATRx delivers conclusive patient information allowing dentists to know in advance that patients will respond to oral appliance therapy. And the prescribed therapeutic protrusive position enables fast track of effective treatment.

Supports long term therapeutic outcomes

MATRx, helps dentists’ deliver a significantly higher success rate of OAT, increasing patient confidence in the treatment and long-term therapeutic outcomes.

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Increase OAT Treatment Success

MATRx is a reliable prediction test that is proven to discriminate oral appliance treatment responders versus non-responders allowing sleep physicians to confidently prescribe OAT and provide the therapeutic protrusive position for the dentist.


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Improve Treatment Efficiency

Reduce chair time!

Eliminate Appliance Failures

Patient referrals from a MATRx-Equipped lab are qualified and will be successful with OAT.

Saves Time

The MATRx target protrusive position reduces the chair time needed for titration.

Differentiate your DSM Practice

Become known as the DSM Practice that can increase success rates with OAT.

Increase Referrals

Become a MATRx dentist and increase your referral sources from MATRx labs.

Increase Revenue

MATRx test results in improved treatment efficiencies that allow your DSM practice to generate more revenue while delivering a higher quality of care to your sleep apnea patients.


Discover how your DSM Practice can achieve increased success.

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