NEWS RELEASE: January 4, 2018 Calgary, AB – It’s a new year and that means taking a good look at our health, including our sleep. Almost a million Canadians don’t get proper sleep, but a Calgary company is aiming to help them—and millions of others around the globe.

Zephyr Sleep Technologies has developed a cutting-edge medical device called the MATRx Plus to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea and help dentists build special oral sleep appliances to treat the illness.

“Sleep apnea is a significant problem. It affects as much as 20 percent of the North American population,” said Dr. John Remmers, world-renowned sleep researcher, and founder and chief medical officer, Zephyr Sleep Technologies. “While sleeping, sufferers stop breathing, sometimes hundreds of times a night when their airway collapses. When they can’t breathe, they wake-up. Besides exhaustion, sleep apnea is also linked to hypertension, diabetes, weight gain and cardiovascular disease—so diagnosis and treatment is critical.”

Currently, sleep apnea sufferers are most often prescribed continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment—a pressurized mask connected by a flexible hose to a bedside pumping system. The airway is kept open with pressurized air.

“CPAP is a good treatment, but tends not to be used long-term by patients,” said Dr. Remmers. “In fact, many people do not even want to try it. As clinicians, we need alternatives.”

The alternative is an oral appliance. But up until the MATRx Plus was created, there were challenges with oral appliances. It was tough to know which patient they would work for and they needed to be specially configured. It was a cumbersome process.

With the MATRx Plus, the need for a patient to undergo expensive and time-consuming testing has been eliminated. A sleep physician can confidently prescribe an appliance and a dentist can easily implement it—a solution that patients will actually use long-term.

Zephyr’s MATRx sleep technology has been installed in over 200 sleep labs and clinics, and over 10,000 MATRx tests have been completed in in North America. To bring this product to market, Zephyr recently partnered with Dentsply Sirona, the largest manufacturer of professional dental products in the world.

“Soon, dentists all over the world will be able to offer a custom-configured sleep appliance simply and effectively, said Paul Cataford, CEO and founder of Zephyr Sleep Technologies. “We hope that people all over the world can live healthier, more productive lives as a result of our work. And it all started here in Calgary.”

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About Zephyr Sleep Technologies Inc.
Zephyr Sleep Technologies designs, develops and manufactures medical devices for diagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing. The MATRx Plus is a tablet-based and cloud-connected medical device designed for home use, borrowed from a dentist’s office. After two nights of study, the patient returns the MATRx Plus for the dentist to build the custom oral appliance. Zephyr was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. For further information, visit zephyrsleep.com.

For more information and interviews, please contact:
Brenda Pettigrew, Sales Operations Manager
Zephyr Sleep Technologies
Email: bpettigrew@zephyrsleep.com
Cell: 587.332.0279

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