We want people to live healthier and more productive lives by sleeping better

Zephyr technology gives dental practices the ability to offer fast, effective and patient-friendly treatment plans that gives immediate results.

MATRx plus™ treatment planning system provides dental teams with the information needed to know WHO can be treated and precisely HOW to treat them. Dentists using MATRx plus eliminate all guesswork and provide fast and effective oral appliance treatment for patients with sleep disordered breathing. With MATRx plus, oral appliance therapy can be nearly 100% effective!

The MATRx plus is a progressive, precise and easy-to-use, at-home sleep and auto-titration test.  Dentists can now offer a simpler, faster and easier treatment plan while deepening the value of the relationship with their obstructive sleep apnea patients.

take time-to-treatment from months, to weeks.

Dr. Mike Parchewsky, DMD

Terra Dental Care | Calgary, AB

“The predictive value of MATRx plus is huge. Before a sleep apnea patient goes through the process of getting an oral appliance and paying for it, they already know if it’s going to work for them.”


Improving Sleep Therapy With Digital Workflow

Dr. Curtis Westersund, DDS | Dentalife

It’s imperative to us as dentists to adopt a digital workflow that allows us to measure pre and post treatment.


A More Comprehensive Approach to Patient Health

Dr. Saleema Adatia, DDS | Symmetry Dental Centre

It feels much more now like we’re treating our entire patient as opposed to just the mouth.


Growing My Practice Through Sleep

Dr. Jared Nelson, DDS | London Road Dental

It just feels so much better as a clinician to be able to do the treatment the right way.


Ability to provide evidence based, predictable treatment

Dr. Amreesh Khanna | Midtown Dental

I have been using the latest home sleep apnea testing technology, the MATRx™ plus, and have to say that it has changed my ability to provide evidence based, predictable treatment through a mandibular advancement device to my patients.

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